Diy Wedding Decorations

DIY wedding decorations can bring a lot of benefits either in terms of budget or overall look of the wedding. There are countless of ideas for DIY decorations and the only limit is your creativity.

Wedding decorations can take any ordinary venue and transform it into a charming spot of celebration. Empty buildings can be made over into breathtaking wonderlands, filled with lights and flowers. Transforming a reception space may not just be overwhelming, but also particularly expensive. Creating your own wedding decorations may be easier than you realize! Here are a few inexpensive, but beautiful do-it-yourself projects for your wedding.

Pew decorations at a church may be used for special services, or for a wedding. You can have a professional florist decorate the pews with flowers or ribbon; however, you can also decorate the pews yourself with a few supplies from your local craft store. A very simple pew decoration is framed mementos. You can frame dried flowers, pictures–or, for a wedding, consider ticket stubs or other items that are mementos from your relationship. Attach a twelve-inch length of ribbon made into a loop onto the back of the picture frames so that they can be hung from the pews. Lighter picture frames will work better for this so that the ribbon can hold them. You can decide on a theme or each pew can have a different kind of framed memento.

The lighting of a wedding venue creates an instant atmosphere that sets the mood of the guests. The various DIY (Do It Yourself) ideas regarding lighting include the use of the following.
• Flares, Torches, Chinese Lanterns, Lanterns, Candelabras
• Tea lights, Candles
• Different colored light bulbs, Light bulbs with low watts
• Fairy Lights, Standard Lamps, Spot Lights

DIY wedding decorations are allowed for couples that have enough time than normal wedding preparation. Rushed work however can give disappointment to the decoration impact. Consider to buy craft books or DIY craft kit. Several craft stores offer DIY wedding flowers arrangement books that can give tips and ideas on how to arrange flowers for table centerpiece, bouquets and the like. Remember, wedding may require plenty and stressful work for preparation. Don’t commit to make something unless it has been decided as well as convinced that extra time and energy is needed.

Fall leaves also work wonderfully for centerpieces. You can actually preserve real leaves right on their branches to use for table decorations. Suspend tiny lanterns with tea lights from the branches for a magical effect. Scattered leaves are an easy addition to any fall wedding, with absolutely no creative experience required. They can line the edges of the aisle for the ceremony (do not place them in the center of the path in case they are slippery), be scattered on a guest book or cake table, or even be used in place of standard place cards at the dinner tables. What an easy way to give your wedding a great autumnal touch!

Pinecones have a great late fall feeling and can make an excellent decoration for a wedding around Thanksgiving. Take real pinecones and spray paint them with a soft gold color. Suspend them from regular sewing thread in a bronze or gold color, and hang them from white birch branches for a modern centerpiece design with an autumnal flavor. Surround the vases with votive candles in ruby red glass holders to bring a pop of color to the design. Something else that is fun to do with pinecones is to dip the edges in glue and then roll them in glitter. While an entirely glittery pinecone might be a bit much, having a thin edge of sparkle along just the edges is a very pretty detail. Wire the special pinecones into wreaths for church doors, attach them to long stems and use as decorative “picks” among centerpieces with flowers and berries, or just tie a pair to each napkin instead of using napkin rings.

It is impossible to mention DIY fall wedding decorations without bringing up pumpkins and gourds. Of course orange pumpkins can be carved into Jack o’Lanterns for Halloween nuptials, but white pumpkins and other gourds are also great for elegant weddings. Hollow out a white pumpkin and fill with fresh wildflowers for a simple but beautiful altar decoration. Arrange clusters of odd and interesting gourds in golden wire baskets around the cocktail hour. Even vegetables like deep purple eggplants can be hollowed out and used for your fall wedding displays. Use your imagination, and you will find tons of fall items that will make very easy DIY projects to enhance the style and beauty of your wedding.

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