Wedding Pinata Ideas

One of our favorite new trends is the wedding pinata! We’re not talking about a donkey or a cartoon character you find at the generic party store down the street. These are serious paper art pieces designed and constructed to complement your wedding. And couples aren’t stopping there — fill it with small favors for your guests like lottery tickets, personalized pins, small toys (for the kids) and mini plastic liquor bottles (for the adults).


For a twist on traditional garter toss, we’ve even seen couples fill their wedding piñata with garters! Take a look at a few of our favorites.


Skip the traditional flower arch and say “I do” under a colorful collection of piñatas. We love the rainbow of vibrant shades seen here, along with the different shapes and sparkly streamers. Choose three or four of your own favorite designs to create a custom backdrop unlike any other.


Heart piñatas are an unexpected choice for place cards. Buy a batch of these little lovelies and set your own custom-made name cards on top. Use some post it notes to make an amazing pinata.


It’s like an oversized wedding pomander made out of paper. Cover a balloon with papier mache and DIY tissue paper flowers for this pretty floral piñata


There was an event where a groom made this hot air ballon pinata and they filled it with tooth brushes, floss and toothpaste in honour of the bride’s beloved grandpa who was a dentist!